Chris is a skilled and talented juggler. Chris can juggle: 5 rings, 5 balls, and 4 clubs. When requested, he also juggles 3 fire torches. He can eat apples while juggling at the same time. The act is full of comedy and audience participation. He has competed in International Juggling Competitions. Have him as a strolling juggler at your company party or dinner. Juggling is a great addition to the atmosphere at any large banquet, trade show, fair or festival. Chris was a featured juggling act at the 2005 MLB Allstar Game VIP party. He juggled five baseballs for the event.

"Your juggling is sensational. We had over 100,000 people in attendance, and we look forward to your return next year." Snowfest, Frankenmuth, MI Michigan Magician Clarkshow Magic Show is the best.


Chris has designed and written his own version of the "Punch and Judy Puppet Show." It is nonviolent and clean. The show is suitable for very young children from one to 10 years old. Many parents say it is the funniest puppet show they have ever seen. Chris has a following of people who request him just for his puppet show. Punch and Judy is performed in a beautiful 6'x4' Star and Moon puppet theater. All of the puppet voices are performed live and kids interact with the puppets during the show. It is a high energy show that lasts 20 minutes.

Sunshine is a beautiful yellow cat. Kids like to scratch under her chin and feed her pretend food.

Rubio is a silly blue bunny puppet. He is loud and funny. He likes to eat pretend carrots and make the kids laugh.

Panda greets the kids and tells jokes.

Joey is a clown marionette. He dances around and stands on his head. He waves to the kids.

Skeleton is a special Halloween marionette. Skeleton dances to the Monster Mash song.

"We love your puppet show"

- Kathy Tally - Dearborn Country Club


Chris is an excellent magician with an exciting comedy magic show. He can adapt the show to any age group from children to adults. He invites guests to assist him with his tricks providing plenty of audience participation. Comedy is inserted into his magical style which results in continuous laughter throughout the show. Tricks include: Sleight of hand, ropes, silks, cards, coins, sponge balls, double sword through the neck trick, and much more. The show can last up to an hour. Chris's juggling act and puppets are mixed in between the magic tricks to create an awesome variety show. He can adapt the show to fit a Holiday theme. Also he can do strolling table Michigan magic during a cocktail hour for a banquet setting. The show is adapted for children and adults. 

“We are proud to have you as our Michigan Magician for 10 years at the Toledo Zoo” Jennifer Brasil , Toledo OH.

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